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The Future of Qualitative Global Workshop, 5/28/2020 12:00:00 AM CDT, On Demand More info »
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The Future of Qualitative Global Workshop

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Mark Earls |  Edward Appleton |  Sue Bell |  Siamack Salari
3 Hours
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We welcome qualitative professionals from around the world to join us in exploring what the new frontier of qualitative research will look like and how we can lead the way. Hear from prominent voices in qualitative who will bring insight and perspective to move us through the challenges of 2020 and beyond. Join us for a thoughtful day of presentations, Q&A, and even small group discussion that can bring new context and inspiration to qualitative research.



Mark Earls's Profile

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Mark Earls is a pioneering and award-winning writer and consultant on human behaviour, creativity and innovation. His bibliography includes HERD, I’ll Have What She’s Having, Copy Copy Copy and Creative Superpowers. His work with clients around the world creates experiences and tools to help people put these insights to work in their world. While he spent the first part of his career in creative businesses like DDB, St Luke’s and Ogilvy, he has long worked independently with a range of collaborators – from academics to game designers and other radical thinkers like Smithery and JoyAtLarge.

He is a fellow of the Marketing Society, the RSA and an Honorary Fellow of the IPA. He is also a strong supporter of continuous education, having taught many professional courses and helped launch the School of Life.

Edward Appleton's Profile

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MA, Director of Global Marketing

Happy Thinking People GmbH

Edward Appleton is Director of Global Marketing with Happy Thinking People in Berlin. Edward has worked for over 20 years in market research on both the agency and client side. Prior to his current role, Edward's work history includes work as Senior Insights Manager with Coca-Cola in Berlin, European Insights Manager at Avery Dennison, and stints at Mass Observation UK and on the Insights team at Nestle UK. He blogs regularly at and for ESOMAR. Edward is bi-cultural English/German and speaks fluent French.

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Susan Bell Research

Susan Bell is both a Fellow of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS), and member of the AMSRS Board.  She runs the boutique micro agency Susan Bell Research. She is skilled and experienced in all forms of qualitative research, semiotics, discourse analysis and quantitative research and has explored social media analysis and text analytics. She has been called a ‘progressive’ qualitative researcher. Her Blog is called BellBird, and she can often be found on Twitter (@SueBellResearch) and LinkedIn.

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Siamack Salari is a leading expert in ethnographic research, with more than 25 years’ experience pioneering developments in the field. Besides running in-house research units at several international ad agencies, his career has seen him found successful research businesses, and develop the world’s first mobile ethnographic research app. Siamack works for Mars Inc. as a contractor with the Catalyst Team, a cross-sectoral think tank based in Geneva. He also lectures in observational research at leading universities in the UK, France and India, and is a visiting fellow at King’s College London’s Department of Management. His latest initiative, noteverydaylife, started out as a small experiment which has now become the largest crowdsourced, not for profit exploration of everyday life, the qualitative research world has ever seen.

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